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We offer consultation services that focus on landscaping and irrigation involving the whole property, as well as specific problems within an existing landscape. We take the time to explore, ask questions, and listen, and may even suggest areas or directions for further research. But ultimately, we help our clients settle on a single, well-defined course of action.


We use our experience in a wide variety of landscaping and construction fields to determine realistic and cost-effective solutions that are geared to extend the life of the landscape. Our primary goal is to provide beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that are safe, welcoming, engaging, and therapeutic; outdoor spaces that can and will be enjoyed for years to come.

I am a homeowner.

Why should I hire a landscape consultant?

The consultant is able to walk you through all stages of your project, one step at a time. A consultant can help you:

  • know where to start

  • know what is feasible with your budget

  • evaluate existing landscape

  • identify plant problems

  • understand weather issues

  • address privacy and safety concerns

  • keep pets safe

  • attract or repel critters

  • clearly communicate your vision

  • decide on your next course of action

  • etc.


I am the General Manager. Why should I hire a  landscape consultant?

Hiring a consultant is an efficient and cost-effective means of adding a team member with specialized skills, experience and a network of outside resources. The role of the consultant is to efficiently identify, describe and/or address issues pertaining to your specific project, such as:

  • project feasibility & practicality

  • site potential

  • future sustainability

  • privacy and safety concerns

  • weather concerns (drainage or snow removal)

  • regulations and ordinances

  • project management and facilitation


Our years of experience in landscape design, installation and maintenance, a life-long interest in art, architecture and horticulture, plus continuing education in specialized fields within the landscaping industry allow us to see what others often miss. Stemming from this broad perspective of landscape, some of the frequently addressed issues include: 


Why should I consider Firewise Landscaping?

  • Studies show that as many as 80 percent of homes lost to wildland fire may have been saved if brush around the homes were cleared and defensible space created around structures.


What does landscaping have to do with safety & security?

  • Overgrown edging or roots can be a tripping hazard

  • Overgrown trees or bushes can be hiding places

  • hard to see signage or entrances


​Why should I consider using native plants & materials?

  • Save money & water

  • Less maintenance

  • Better resistance to local weather

  • Restores natural habitats

  • Rarely invasive

  • No pesticides needed

  • More sustainable


Why should I be concerned with the health of my soil?

  • Aids in the cleanliness of the environment – decreasing erosion and air pollution

  • Reduces pests

  • Improves disease resistance

  • Reduces weeds





The TLC Basic On-Site Consultation package is designed as a problem-solving service where professional skill and experience are needed to formulate a plan in addressing a particular and easily identifiable problem. Following the initial no-obligation phone conversation, a one-hour on-site meeting is scheduled. The fee for this service is $85.00.  This lump sum is due upon the consultant's arrival. A receipt for payment plus any reports or notes from the consultation will be sent by email. (See more of our Covid-19 response policies here.)

For an additional $40.00, a blueprint of the property and buildings drafted from satellite imaging technology will be included as part of the Basic package.

Any additional time beyond the first hour will be billed at $75.00 per hour. This rate will apply to any subsequent consultation hours incurred in that particular season and billed in half-hour increments. This rate will also apply to any subsequent Landscape Planning & Design or Restoration work.