Looking to improve your landscaping?

TLC Services can help keep your landscaping looking its best by creating a custom plan for your business front or entire property. We listen carefully to your needs, time frame, and financial restrictions and are ready to help transform your space into a beautiful landscape. 


We offer an extensive number of services to keep your property healthy, clean and looking beautiful. From contractual landscape maintenance to seasonal clean-ups, we can help provide you with the neat and well-kept curb appeal you are looking for. Contact us if you would like to schedule an assessment of your maintenance needs.


TLC Services provides a bridge between corporate America & the local community. From greenscape to hardscape, TLC cares for the exterior of individual properties and corporate campuses, with communication and document processes across a wide variety of platforms and portals.


TLC Services has several years experience in maintaining healthy, clean, and safe business exteriors. We offer both contractual and seasonal maintenance. Call us today to book a consultation.


TLC Services has decades of experience renovating mature landscapes, salvaging overgrown shrubs & trees, irrigation service & repair,  and creating Firewise gardens. Call us today to book a consultation.


Historically, trees and shrubs were grown in fields and when harvested, a substantial amount of the plant's root system was left in the field. Landscapers knew that for the plant to survive the transplant process, proper soil preparation was necessary.
Today, most trees and shrubs are grown in plastic containers with no root loss during transplant. The unintended consequence is that  the step of soil preparation is often overlooked. Plants are now "installed" in construction-damaged and compacted soils. Subsoils are mixed with topsoils and our landscapes are on "life-support." These landscapes require excessive irrigation and fertilizers for the plants to survive and years for the soil's microorganisms to recolonize the soil.
In TLC Services' maintenance programs we use high quality, slow release fertilizers and soil amendments to repair the subsoil and rebuild the topsoil. In both our renovation and new construction projects we cultivate the solid subsoil and add compost and commercially available live soil microorganisms to speed up the reconstruction of the topsoil, thereby giving landscapes a running start at a vibrant, healthy life.

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